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Welcome to AJ's NoteBook A collection of meticulously curated insights aimed at elevating your leadership competencies in the realm of transformative change. Grounded in the TriEdge Leadership Mindset these articles integrate mental toughness, organizational excellence, and cognitive agility to forge leaders ready for tomorrow's challenges.


Here, you'll discover a diverse range of topics designed to meet the needs of today's dynamic and ever-changing workplace. Delve into the psychological underpinnings of decision-making, glean transformative skills from the world of elite athletics, and navigate the emotional and leadership complexities introduced by artificial intelligence. Learn how to cultivate holistic wellbeing for peak performance, empower teams in a hybrid work environment, understand the often-overlooked connection between leadership and mental health, and analyzing the data of 2023 to examine the equity pay gap.


These articles are comprehensive toolkits designed to engender enduring impact, both personally and organizationally. Take the first step in transcending traditional paradigms and embracing transformative leadership. 

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