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We publish articles that cover a range of subjects, from Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Stress, Nature Therapy, Sleep, Walking, Meditation, Mindful Eating, Occupational Health Psychology, Inflammation, Epigenetics, Brain Mood Foods, Performance Psychology, Microbiome, Yoga, Self Compassion, Nutritional Psychology, Physical Activities, Kindness, Learned Optimism, Contentment, Habits, and WalkShops. Please feel free to share.

Tidbit Alert!

Tidbits are bite-sized morsels of wisdom meant to whet the appetite and with any luck kick start a shift in mindset↓

Research from Stanford (2023) compared the effects of controlled breathing and mindfulness meditation. Both breathwork and mindfulness meditation had a significant impact on decreasing negative affect and anxiety as well as increasing positive affect, according to the findings. Positive affect was increased the most by controlled breathing, specifically cyclical sighing (Stanford University, 2023).

According to Andrew Huberman (2022) Stanford School of Medicine neuroscientist: changing how we breathe can also halt stress in its tracks. Huberman suggests learning the psychological sigh:  Take 2 short inhales through the nose, 1 long exhale through the mouth,  repeat 1 to 3 times.  Try Huberman's psychological sigh the next time your heart is racing before a presentation, pitch, or high-stakes meeting, and regain control of your stress response. Magic happens when you take some time to pause and reset!

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