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"Motivated by an unwavering conviction in the profound impact of transformative leadership, I developed the TriEdge Leadership Mindset with a clear objective: to challenge traditional leadership paradigms and inspire leaders to think innovatively and take bold actions to drive meaningful change within their organizations. This mission highlights my firm belief that every challenge presents an opportunity for personal and professional growth and a chance to encourage innovation while bringing about positive change. By promoting a continuous learning and growth culture, leaders can cultivate the necessary tools to navigate complex challenges and lead with authenticity and purpose."

"With extensive experience spanning decades, my ambition for the last four years includes the pursuit of a Doctor of Psychology degree. This academic venture enables me to refine my skills in integrating evidence-based psychological principles with cutting-edge leadership strategies. I bring together the resilience of sport psychology, the strategic thinking of organizational psychology, and the focus on overall wellbeing from positive psychology. By integrating these three areas of my expertise, I provide a forward-thinking approach to empower leaders and teams to navigate challenges, optimize performance, and achieve sustainable success in their personal and professional lives."


"As a Visionary Keynote Speaker, Performance & Wellbeing Expert, and Optimistic Realist, my work is more than a profession; it is a calling to inspire and cultivate a global community of leaders who not only achieve excellence but also champion environments of wellbeing and inclusivity, thereby driving performance and paving the way for sustainable organizational success."

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