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Welcome to AJ's Speaker Press Kit - A comprehensive portfolio designed to provide a 360-degree view of her visionary approach to leadership development. Inside this carefully curated PDF, you'll find in-depth overview of one of AJ's signature keynotes, rooted in her innovative TriEdge Leadership Mindset Model. You'll also discover her extensive academic background and rich professional experience that form the bedrock of her expertise. This press kit serves as your complete guide to understanding the unique value, actionable insights, and enduring impact that AJ brings to each speaking engagement. Explore it to grasp how AJ is uniquely positioned to elevate your leadership journey. (Click the above link for AJ's Speaker Press Kit PDF.)

“Introducing AJ, the consummate expert in the art of weaving together the luminous threads of optimism and logic, infused with a healthy dose of wit, resulting in a captivating elixir!”

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