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Talks & Walks

Stimulate awareness and kickstart a shift in mindset.

Inspiring Talks

60 minutes/monthly

Virtual, OnSite, Offsite

9 months or 1 year contract 

Kickstart Lunch Talks

45 minutes/monthly

Virtual, OnSite, Offsite

9 months or 1 year contract 

Intoxicating WalkShops

OnSite, Offsite

90 minutes/monthly

9 months or 1 year contract


Captivating Keynotes

Virtual, OnSite, Offsite

60-75 minutes

On demand

Clapping Audience

Talks & Keynotes

    Virtual, OnSite, Offsite

AJ's warmth, credibility, and engaging personality create an atmosphere that supports expansion, creativity, and abundant possibility. 

Presentations include but are not limited to:

·    Rewire your brain to become more effective, agile, adaptable, and resilient in your role.

·    Nutritional Psychology: The impact of food on mood, health, stress, and performance.

·    Procrastination: Understand the beast, how to tame it, and build better habits.

·    Maximize performance by optimizing exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

·    Science-Based Tools: Reduce stress and burnout, boost performance, and achieve goals.

·    ​Symbiotic Relationship: Physical health, mental health, and performance metrics.

AnJenette Afridi, MA, Founder, Professional Speaker, and Changemaker, leads the WORKPLACE WELLBEING & PERFORMANCE PROJECT. AnJenette partners with organizations to effect positive change in workplace wellbeing and performance metrics by leveraging interdisciplinary expertise in Wellbeing Science and Performance Psychology. AJ is a Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching Fellow, National Speakers Association Member, holds a Master's Degree in Performance Psychology (1997), and is pursuing a Doctor of Psychology PsyD (2020).


Her work focuses on raising awareness of the symbiotic relationship between physical and mental health and the impact of biological, social, environmental, and psychological factors on an individual's wellbeing and performance metrics. Throughout AnJenette's dynamic career of more than three decades, the constant thread has been her dedication and commitment to advancing her understanding of the human condition and the systems that promote human flourishing.

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Intoxicating Walking Lectures

Join AJ, Adi, and Sofi at a 90 minute group WalkShop. Experience the intoxicating synergy of fresh air, movement, therapy pups, and reflective discourse.


What the heck is a WalkShop?  In its simplest terms, a WalkShop can be thought of as a workshop conducted through walking in an organic and dynamic manner. The value of both using the outdoors and walking as a way to stimulate reflective thinking have been appreciated and documented in various fields for some time. There has been a long association between the practices of walking and philosophy, first recorded in writing as early as Aristotle’s (384–322 BC) Peripatetic School and the walking scholars. The term "Peripatetic" means "of walking" or "given to walking about”. 


Benefits of Walking in Nature and Urban Green Spaces: NIH research shows that nature walks improve mental health. Nature reduces inflammation and prevents many diseases by boosting immunity. According to the American Psychological Association (2020), even urban parks and trees can lead to positive outcomes. Neale et al. (2022) recent study on the impact of urban walking on psychophysiological wellbeing showed the benefits to psychophysiological wellbeing from walking in urban green spaces. 


According to Koselka et al. (2019), walking in green spaces can be a cost effective way to improve mental wellbeing. In addition to reducing stress, anxiety, and improving mood for those experiencing the wear and tear of everyday life, physical activity in greenspace may also provide an important adjunct therapy to clinical therapies. These results support the development of evidence-based recommendations for Nature Rx to encourage people to be physically active in nature and greenspaces.

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