As increasing numbers of people seek to take control of their personal wellbeing, the demand for evidence-based practices and resources are on the rise. An educator at heart, AnJenette draws her knowledge and wisdom from her expansive experience of more than three decades in Lifestyle Medicine and Mindful Practices. AJ currently offers INHALE EXHALE SMILE® Meditation and Mindfulness Targeted Skills-Based Training for Stress Resiliency and Optimal Wellbeing to Adults and Youth.

AJ's ToolBox:

~ Targeted Meditation Methods:  NeuroMeditation* (Focus, Open Monitoring/Mindfulness, Open Heart, Quiet Mind), Loving Kindness Meditation, Self-Compassion Meditation, Five Senses Imagery Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Body Scan Meditation, Progressive Relaxation Meditation, Sitting Meditation, Movement Meditation, Walking Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Breath Awareness Meditation, Sound Meditation.

~ Targeted Mindfulness Methods: Mindful Wholesome Eating, Focused Mindfulness, Mindfulness Gratitude, Everyday Mindfulness, Mindful Compassion, Mindful Pain Management, Mindful Stress Management, Mindful Communication.

~ Adjunct Methods: Music, Movement, Laughter, Yoga.

*Research has consistently demonstrated how meditation can be beneficial for a wide range of physical and mental health concerns. Research has also shown that meditation can significantly change the structure and function of various networks in the brain. With this deeper understanding of the effects of the meditation process, we have also come to understand that not all meditation practices are the same. Different forms of meditation require different kinds of attention and intention, different sets of skills, and can actually impact different brain regions.  Because each meditation style has specific effects, we can choose and tailor these practices based on our goals and needs.

NeuroMeditation is a process designed to do just that. This method of teaching meditation begins with a scientific understanding of what happens in the brain during different meditative states and why each of these practices might be beneficial for specific individuals. In this way, we can help you identify a starting point based on what you are trying to achieve. What is your motivation for meditating in the first place? Is it to reduce stress and anxiety, minimize pain, improve sleep, or work toward spiritual enlightenment? 

LEARN with AJ via ZOOM, FACETIME, PHONE, or WALKSHOP. Contact us for Group Training available at discounted per person price and/or Offsite Training available at additional time/travel fees. (Due to Covid, AJ has limited in-person availability at AJ's San Francisco Bay Area Office.)

STEP 1: Select your 6 Week Series.

STEP 3: Check Out. You will receive an introduction email, questionnaire, and a calendar to schedule your 6-One Hour Weekly Sessions with AnJenette. 

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