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Kindness Research

Happiness, Emotional Benefits, Wellbeing

Research List:

Kindness in the Blood: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Gene Regulatory Impact of Prosocial Behavior

Volunteering is Prospectively Associated with Health Care Use Among Older Adults

Do Unto Others or Treat Yourself? The Effects of Prosocial and Self-Focused Behavior on Psychological Flourishing

A Range of Kindness Activities Boost Happiness

Happy to Help? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Performing Acts of Kindness on the Well-being of the Actor

Is Spending Money on Others good for Your Heart?

Making a Difference Matters: Impact Unlocks the Emotional Benefits of Prosocial Spending

Comparing the Effects of Performing and Recalling Acts of Kindness

Rewards of Kindness? A Meta-Analysis of the Link Between Prosociality and Well-being

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