Create mindful habits

 that stick!

"Your habits can compound for you, or against you."

Atomic Habits

AnJenette Afridi, MA, Founder and CEO of INHALE EXHALE SMILE® MINDFUL HABITS, is a pioneer in performance wellbeing. With a master's degree in performance psychology and over 25 years in the wellbeing field, AnJenette specializes in workforce + workplace wellbeing and mindful habits that reduce stress, overwhelm, and burnout. AJ advises business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals on prioritizing their wellbeing and developing habits that gives them a strategic advantage in their professional and personal lives. INHALE EXHALE SMILE® MINDFUL HABITS is endorsed by solid scientific research in occupational health psychology, evidence-based mindfulness, and habit formation science.

Working with AnJenette is an adventure that leaves each client feeling like they must be her only one. She’s hands-on, committed, accessible, and resourceful.
AJ is one of the most intelligent, ethical, and compassionate people I have ever worked with. She is a world-class leader and, in every respect, walks her talk.
 AnJenette's warmth, credibility, and engaging personality create an atmosphere that supports expansion, creativity, and abundant possibility.

FACT: A growing body of evidence shows that mindfulness-based interventions have the potential to reduce symptoms of stress and significantly improve wellbeing.