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Welcome to TriEdge Leadership Mindset

Unleashing the Power of Transformation

As the Founder of TriEdge Leadership Mindset, and recognized as a Visionary Keynote Speaker and a Performance & Wellbeing Expert, I am dedicated to redefining the essence of transformative leadership.

A Revolutionary Approach to Leadership

My role at the forefront of the TriEdge Leadership Mindset involves harmonizing scholarly insight with practical wisdom to master leadership in an unpredictable world. This innovative approach revolutionizes leadership development by integrating the mental toughness forged in elite athletes, the foundational principles of organizational excellence, and the transformative power of positive psychology into comprehensive and actionable strategies.

A Foundation of Scholarly Depth and Practical Wisdom

Embarking on my academic journey, I have been pursuing a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) since 2020, enriched by specialized certifications in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Neuroscience for Business MIT Sloan, and Positive Psychology UPenn. These accolades have endowed me with a deep understanding of workplace dynamics and the levers of organizational performance. At the heart of this educational journey lies a magna cum laude Master of Arts in Sport Psychology and a distinguished Certificate of Honor for Excellence in Master's Project Research on Motivation, underscoring my commitment to merging rigorous academic research with real-world applications. How can these insights elevate your leadership strategy and organizational success?


The Art of Storytelling and Communication

Furthermore, my foray into the performing arts, culminating in a Bachelor degree in Performing Arts, has imbued me with an acute appreciation for impactful communication and the artistry of storytelling. How can we use the power of storytelling to elevate your leadership and organizational culture?

Tailored Transformative Speaking Engagements

The speaking engagements I curate are as varied as they are impactful, ranging from personalized virtual presentations to grand-scale corporate events. Each is carefully designed to resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities your organization faces, ensuring a meaningful and enduring influence.


A Commitment to Transformative Engagement

As an active member of the National Speakers Association and a lifelong member of the American Psychological Association, my dedication lies in leveraging transformative engagement strategies. My aim is to go beyond mere information sharing, sparking inspiration and catalyzing meaningful change.

Embark on a Transformative Journey

Dive into the transformative power of the TriEdge Leadership Mindset. Whether you're a leader striving to catapult your team to new heights, an event planner seeking a keynote speaker who ignites lasting change, or an HR professional in pursuit of strategic leadership solutions that revolutionize organizational dynamics, your journey towards exceptional leadership transformation begins here.

Connect with me for a tailored proposal, and let's collaboratively set the stage for resilience, agility, and visionary success in navigating the complexities of our time.

Cheers, AnJenette

“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.”


Publilius Syrus

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